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NLMS Math Team

The Nichols Lawson Middle School Math Team competed in a Perennial Math Competition on Saturday, January 26, 219.  This event was held at Sylacauga High School in Sylacauga, AL. Teams from around the state competed in this event. The event began at 8:00 am and ended at 12:00pm.  The students competed in an individual competition and a team competition.  There were a total of 40 students and 9 teams that competed in the math competition from NLMS.  Nearly 300 students competed in the competition overall.  The competitions include the students completing a test on math concepts and skills.  The tests are very challenging and make students "think outside the box".  The students have 30 minutes to complete 15 questions on the individual test and 20 minutes to complete 10 questions on the team test.  After the tests are completed, they are scored.  The top scores are then awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.  Any student or team who placed at this competition automatically qualified for the Nationals competition which will take place in May.


6th grade:

  • 3rd place individual:  Brady Thomas

  • 3rd place team:  Lauren Seaborn, Catherine Price, Christian Gardner, Hunter Mims, and Ben Bearden

  • 2nd place team:  Anna B Shaw, Brady Thomas, Nathan Gordon, Lexi Robbins, and Maddie Hickman


7th Grade:

  • 3rd place team:  Collin Westland, Brycen Wilson, Josh Holcomb, Elizabeth Atkinson, and Tucker Beane


8th Grade:

  • 2nd place individual:  Liv Reams and Mallory Grier

  • 3rd place individual:  Isaac Wilson and Maggie Mizelle

  • 3rd place team:  Isaac Wilson, Maggie Mizelle, and Isabella Baker

  • 2nd place team:  Liv Reams, Mallory Grier, Alana Price, Anna Grace Bearden, and Lee Bland