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Pinecrest School chosen as an Alabama Bicentennial School

picture of all Bicentennial grant winners On August 3, 2018, Governor Kay Ivey announced that Pinecrest School has been selected as an official Alabama Bicentennial School in a ceremony in the Old House Chamber of the State Capitol. Pinecrest School is one of 200 schools selected to receive this special designation and receive a grant to fund a community project developed by the school. 

Launched by Governor Ivey in December 2017, the Alabama Bicentennial Schools Initiative encourages all public, private, and homeschool students and teachers to participate in the celebration of Alabama’s 200th anniversary of statehood in 2019. In early 2018, all K-12 schools in Alabama were invited to submit a proposal that engages in outreach and improvement projects to connect their classrooms with their local communities.

From a competitive pool of nearly 400 proposals, 200 schools were selected to be official Alabama Bicentennial Schools and receive $2,000 grants to support the implementation of their projects. Additionally, 56 schools received honorable mentions and $500 grants. Schools were chosen through a review process involving committees of local educators, community leaders, and private citizens.

Representing all corners of the state, the selected schools have developed a wide variety of projects that will make meaningful contributions to their local communities.

During the 2018 - 2019 school year, the students at Pinecrest Elementary will be honoring our diverse and distinct people, locations, and landmarks of Alabama. This task will be accomplished by digging deep into various resources along with gaining firsthand knowledge away from the classroom during multiple educational field trips. Students will be presenting their findings in a variety of ways. While partnering with B.B. Comer Memorial Library (Sylacauga’s public library), local high school students, Pinecrest teachers, and community volunteers, Alabama history-based children’s books will be created, published, and donated to our local elementary schools and to B.B. Comer Memorial Library. Local art teachers will also be involved by assisting the students with illustrating the children’s books. In addition to the books, a living history “Wax Museum” exhibit will be held featuring Pinecrest 4th graders portraying famous Alabamians. This exhibit will be an opportunity for members of our community to support our students and learn about our state’s history. Pinecrest Elementary’s music teacher will be introducing students to our state song, as well as introducing our students to traditional music from/about Alabama during music class. One or more of these songs will be performed during the Wax Museum.

The purpose of our project is to help instill a sense of local pride in students and encourage more children to become interested in local history, including the diverse people, locations, and landmarks. According to a survey sent to the local elementary school librarians and the B.B. Comer Memorial Library, there is currently not an abundance of children’s books that tell about the historical information of the state of Alabama. Pinecrest students will write, illustrate, publish, and donate student-made children’s books to the local elementary schools and public library. Our desired outcome is to teach our students and other children in our community about important Alabamian figures, events, and places that have helped shape our paths and continue to develop our future. The addition of these books will not only be important to the current residents of Sylacauga but will be preserved on the shelves of the local libraries to educate future generations of students and community members.

While working on our project, Pinecrest students will develop fine arts, research, writing, and oral communication skills. Oral communication skills will be strengthened from participation in our living history “Wax Museum.”


 “The Bicentennial Schools Initiative is not only a special way for students to take part in celebrating our 200 years of statehood but also an opportunity for them to engage within their communities. It fosters a love for the state they call home, and it instills in them the courage to make a difference,” said Governor Ivey.

The Alabama Bicentennial Schools Initiative is presented in partnership by Alabama 200, the Alabama Department of Archives and History (ADAH), and the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE).

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