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Pinecrest Mathletes

Congratulations to Pinecrest Mathletes for their standout performance in the Perennial Math Tournament. With 38 teams and 175 students competing, Pinecrest dominated the elementary division!

Team Winners:

3rd Grade
2nd Place:
1. Brinley Wilson
2. Jeremiah Prince
3. Cynia Parker
4. Jake Morris
5. Aubrey Kennel

3rd Place:
1. Jonah Tomlinson
2. Landon Deweese
3. Colton Hope
4. Kelby Darby
5. Kylie Deason

4th Grade
1st Place:
1. Anderson Adair
2. Tripp Rivers
3. Emma Harmon
4. Lily Bullard
5. Alexa Edwards

5th Grade
2nd Place:
1. Jagger Thomas
2. Marlee Reeves
3. Neveah Livingston
4. Alyssa Pruitt
5. Kaide Waites

3rd Place:
1. Landon Crocker
2. Chloe Trosclair
3. Todd Thompson
4. Kendall Holcomb
5. Caitlyn Holcomb

Individual Winners:
3rd Grade:
1st place:
Kelby Darby
Anna Claire Darby

3rd Place:
Jonah Tomlinson
Colton Hope
Kylie Deason
Jeremiah Prince
Cynia Parker
Billy Kirkland

4th Grade:
1st Place:
Anderson Adair