• About Our School

    picture of Pinecrest School

    Pinecrest School is a Title I school which uses supplemental funds for improvement of all educational aspects, with an emphasis on parent involvement. We are committed to helping students reach excellence with their goals. Excellence is Our Goal! is promoted throughout the school by all staff. Team cooperation is valued highly in this facility. Our faculty continues to grow professionally by attending seminars, graduate classes, and other professional development activities. The Pinecrest faculty has been provided with many opportunities to visit other schools to observe the implementation of successful initiatives and programs. Team teachers are provided daily common planning, and grade levels and resource teams are provided weekly common time.

    All classes follow the suggested time allotments for science and social studies. Reading and math time allotments are extended at Pinecrest to provide additional opportunities for extended growth. Students participate in a weekly ENCORE Rotation that includes physical education, enrichment/media tech, and art/music. Teachers differentiate instruction for all students and provide small group instruction to those students who may need additional support for mastering core concepts. Multiple interventions are in place for students who are in need of additional instruction support. In addition, Move to math, Ready to Read, and Aggie Academy (an after-school program), provides additional academic support to struggling students.

    There are several student programs to encourage positive social experiences at Pinecrest School. These programs include Aggie Ambassadors, Library Assistants, Student Council, Math Team, and Robotics Team. Pinecrest Elementary advocates programs that are designed to promote and encourage students to be empowered, self-confident, and safe within their learning environment. These programs include Pinecrest Leadership Communities, Red Ribbon Week, individual and group guidance, and Bully Prevention Activities.