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    Your senior year of high school is a culmination of 12 years of growth and maturity.  The next 9 months will launch you into an exciting era where life will lead you to a two-year or four-year college, the military, or the workforce.  It is the hope of the SHS family that you work to achieve all your goals to make that next step into your future successful and rewarding.  This year will be memorable; therefore, take advantage of all that is offered to you during this part of your educational journey. 

    Seniors, please complete the Senior Awards Program scholarship form as you receive scholarships.  Be very thorough with the information provided (name of scholarship, exact name of college, organization, or agency awarding it, and the amount).  Complete a form for EACH scholarship you receive, whether you intend to use it or not!

    Visit this webpage often to catch the latest news and information related specifically to you.

    Please refer to  for information to plan your expenses for graduation needs.  

    Sylacauga High School does NOT organize or sponsor a senior trip!!  If you hear of plans or meetings for one, please find out who is in charge and contact them if you wish to be included.


    Baby and Senior Memory Pictures

    The SHS Journalism Class creates a Senior Memory and Baby Video in honor of the Senior Class.  Please send your pictures to the emails below:

    Senior Baby Pictures by March 1
    Senior Memory Pictures by May 1

     Please include one baby picture and one current picture from your senior year. It does not have to be a formal picture.


    Graduation Cords

    Career and Technical Education Cord Requirement

    Students meeting the eligibility requirements for the National Technical Honor Society will be recognized at the Senior Awards Ceremony and may wear the Career and Technical Education cord at graduation exercises. These eligibility requirements are validated by the Alabama State Department of Education as an indication of achievement, over and above the requirements to earn a high school diploma. To be eligible for this recognition, a student must meet the following standards:

    • Complete a sequence of 3 CTE courses in a pathway; Business, Health Science, Human Services, Engineering, or Technical Dual Enrollment
    • Maintain a 3.5 GPA in those CTE courses 
    • Be a member of a Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO), which correlates to the three courses in a pathway, at least three out of the four years of high school with one of the years being senior year.

    Aggie Vols, Work-based Learning, Senior Project, or Internship may count for the third course in the series if the work matches the pathway. Only one credit of each of these classes may be used to complete a series.(Multimedia Publications may count as 2 credits toward the series.)