• The purpose of the ESL program is to enable students who have limited skills in the English language to become competent in the listening, speaking, reading and writing of English. The goals of the program are as follows:

      • To increase the English language proficiency to the degree necessary to allow independent functioning in the regular school program.
      • To provide the ELL student the opportunity to reach his or her full potential.


    All parents of newly enrolled students and new kindergarten students are given the Home Language Survey at registration in the school. This survey identifies any languages other than English that are

      • First learned or acquired by the student
      • Spoken most often by the student
      • Spoken most often in the home of the student


    The Home Language Survey is used as an identification tool for potential ELL students and is a part of the enrollment process. The following is the step by step procedure of the identification of possible ELL students:


      • During the enrollment process the parent completes the Home Language Survey. 
      • All students who indicate a language other than English on the Home Language Survey are referred to the school ESL Coordinator.
      • Completed surveys are filed in each student’s cumulative folder.
      • Identified students begin testing and placement procedures within 10 school days.


    Sylacauga City Schools assess the effectiveness of instructional support through:

      • WIDA's ACCESS for ELL's assessment one time annually.
      • ongoing formative assessments in the classrooms
      • formative assessments of teacher practice related to ELL instruction. 




    Sylacauga City Schools recognizes the importance of instructing LEP/ELL students using a best practice approach which stresses the language of each core subject. The language of English Language Arts (LoELA), language of Mathematics (LoMA), language of Science (LoSci), and language of Social Science (LoSS) are important skill sets for any LEP/ELL student to acquire in order to achieve academic success. Sylacauga City schools attempts to produce high academic achievement in our LEP/ELL student population while being sensitive to cultural diversity. We realize the importance placed on the family and/or collective group in our LEP/ELL student's lives and make this a central part of our instructional practice.