Dr. Jon Segars

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Dr. Jon Segars

Preparing graduates ready for College, Career, and Community success is what we do in Sylacauga City Schools, and we do it well. Our track record of academic achievement, excellence in the fine arts, highly competitive co-curricular organizations, and athletic prominence places us among the top school systems in our state. We have superior facilities and equipment which allow our students to develop in an environment that is not only safe, but mirrors that of higher education and the modern workplace. Whether its technology, classroom materials, teachers or a skilled support staff, our students have the very best resources and the best leaders to guide them.

What we do is important, but why we do it is the reason we are so successful. We serve because we are a community that values hard work, selfless service, and a strong desire to be the best at everything we do. It is not in our makeup to settle for mediocrity, because we are not average people, and this is not an average city. We are a community that believes in teamwork, and our investment in people is where we gather our strength. We challenge societal norms by demonstrating that success does not rest on the weight of our bank accounts, but rather the size of our hearts. Finally, we provide our children an education which places them in positions to compete with anyone in the world and excel in their chosen pathways. This is a community of winners - this is Sylacauga.

I am excited about the 2018-2019 school year, and I hope you are as well.

Go Aggies!

Jon Segars