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    Section 1: PowerSchool Parent Portal 

    Learn how to create your PowerSchool parent account to access the Parent Portal to view your child's grades and attendance.   

    * Note 1: If you received an additional letter after creating your PowerSchool Parent Portal account, watch this video to learn how to link a student to your account:

    * Note 2: Parents of Sylacauga High students, watch the section 4 video below to learn about Q1, Q2, A1, X1, S1, Q2, Q3, Q4, A2, X2, S2, F1 terms.

    * Note 3: Parents of Pre-K students, Indian Valley Elementary does not enter grades in PowerSchool for Pre-K. 

    Section 2: PowerSchool Mobile App 

    Learn how to set up the PowerSchool Mobile app for your iOS or Android device. 

    Section 3: MySchoolBucks 

    Learn how to create your MySchoolBucks account to pay for school meals, fees and make school store purchases online with a credit card, debit card, or electronic checks.

     Section 4: Sylacauga High School Grading Terms

    Learn about Q1, Q2, A1, X1, S1, Q2, Q3, Q4, A2, X2, S2, F1 grading terms at Sylacauga High School.

    Section 5: Sylacauga High School Grading Percentages

    A video message from Sylacauga High School principal Matthew Hodge about the new grading percentages.

     Section 6: Blackboard Mass Notifications 

    If you have stopped receiving informational phone calls or text messages from the schools and the schools have your correct contact information, you may have opted-out of receiving messages at some point in the past. You can opt-out of receiving either phone calls, text messages, or both. Once you have opted-out, you will no longer receive informational messages from schools except emergency messages.

    For example, if you opted-out of receiving informational text messages when your child was in 5th grade at Pinecrest, you would no longer receive any informational text messages from any of the schools or the district office from that point forward. Even when your child started 6th grade at Nichols-Lawson, you would still not receive any informational text messages. Opting out of text messages removes you from all future informational text messages, no matter the school. The same is true for informational phone calls. After you opt-out, you will no longer receive informational calls from any Sylacauga School.

    An opted-out number will only receive a phone call or text message when Sylacauga Schools sends out an emergency message, such as an early dismissal due to severe weather. Sylacauga Schools has not sent out an emergency message since October 2020. Also, according to Blackboard, autogenerated attendance text messages still go out to opted-out numbers, but we have not verified this information with our parents. 

    How did I opt-out? I don't remember doing that!

    At the end of every information phone call sent out is this message: Opt-Out Message. Simply pressing 9 will opt you out of all future informational calls. At the end of each text message sent out is text STOP to cancel

    How do I opt back in?

    Sylacauga Schools cannot opt-in parent phone numbers to start receiving informational phone calls and messages again. Only the parent/user can opt back in, and this can only be done from the phone number that opted-out. 

    • To opt back in for informational calls, call 1-855-502-7867 from the phone line that has been opted-out. This means if you opted-out from receiving informational calls to your cell phone, you will have to call 855-502-7867 from your cell phone.
    • To opt back in for text messages, send the word START to 60680 to start receiving informational texts again. If your phone will not accept 60680, try 606-80. You will receive this message back:START text message